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Our Lingo review proofed to us that Lingo was a via alternative to the standard landline of the past. Lingo phone is an excellent form of communication and what is great is that is lower in cost than Vonage VOIP. At $19.95/mo for unlimted calling on your broadband connection, the price cannot be beat, especially if you are on the phone a lot for long distance calls.

Lingo VOIP

Lingo Voip uses the bandwidth of your broadband connection to enabel you to connect a regular phone to your internet connection & make calls to regular landline phones or cellphones. ONce you order, a Lingo router will be shipped to you so you can get started with the internet phone. Getting set up can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour according to your experience level and your current network configuration. Be sure to contact tech support at Lingo if you have any trouble.

Lingo VOIP International Calling

VOIP phones open up a new brave wold for even global communications. I have a friend that took his VOIP phone to Cebu City, Philippines & was able to call to the United States for free! He even had the appearance of being in the USA but was across the world! All he needed was fast broadband there and the rest was easy. No extra fee. He has had excellent results with his VOIP service. In fact he said it was better than the Philippino land lines!

Internet Phone Calls

Calling over the internet is not only the wave of the future, but the wave of today! It is beginning to transform the landscape of telecommunications in a big way, and Linngo is playing a big part in that revolution. An internet phone call does not have the same limitations as the standard landline, and can be used anywhere. The new laws & proceeding changing in the technology has even improved the emergency 911 service for all internet telephony users of services like Lingo, Vonnage, Packet8, AT&T, etc. Point is..internet phone service is here to stay. I repeat.. Internet calling by long distance internet is here to stay!

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